Sky Relax Zone

Relax and let go

Even in antiquity, people appreciated the healing effect of sweating in hot, dry or moist air. Over time, this ancient health practice was forgotten. But today, the sauna is part of the modern lifestyle. For that reason, our Sky Relax Zone offers a stylish old wood sauna, a steam room and a stylish relaxation room to take your time to relax.

Relaxation room

In the Sky Relax Zone you'll find:
  1. Sauna
  2. Steam room
  3. Relaxation room with cosy spa lounge chairs
  4. Stylish seating lounges
  5. Fireplace
  6. Hanging swings on the terrace
  7. Multi-sensory showers, toilets and juice bar
  8. Snake Caves
Wellness above the roofs of Fiss - Hotel Alps Lodge
Winter - Seasonstart 18.12.2020
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