Amenities for your holiday in Fiss

Hotel with breakfast and other highlights

In our stylish lifestyle Hotel in Fiss, you can look forward to the highest quality and most extraordinary amenities. Immediately upon arrival you'll see the beautiful Zen Garden, which promises many peaceful moments. Your car is securely parked in our stylish Car Lounge. After an extensive and delicious breakfast in the Morning Lounge, our lovely breakfast room, you can start your day in the breath-taking mountains of our sunny plateau. Come evening, you can enjoy a fine drink in the Alps Lounge and in the hotel lobby. Here, you can look back on your wonderful day and make your plans for the next. If you want to relax your tired bones and muscles, you'll find the perfect spot in our Sky Relax Zone and in the Sky Lounge, high above the rooftops of Fiss. You can let yourself go and take time to recuperate. 

Summerseason till 17.10.2020
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